Facial Wash

Dear Marie

Late in the summer I purchased a bottle of your Facial Wash with Shea Butter. Since then whenever anyone I know is going to Rice's, I ask them to pick up about 3 bottles for me. My whole family loves this product! I am turning 45 next week and my skin has never looked better. My 11 year old daughter had been plagued with huge and copious pimples until using this product. Her acne has been greatly reduced.


Suzanne C.

Lansdale, PA

Best Soaps

Dear Marie,
I will never use another soap again! Regards.

-Terry L.

Chadds Ford, PA

Absolute Best!

Dear Marie,
Absolutely love your soap. My skin has never felt and looked better. I am a true regular!


Rose Petal and Lavender

Miss Marie,
I am 70 years young, and haven't been able to use soap on my body since I was 15 years old. I bought 3 bars...I have been using the Rose and gave the Lavender to my 74 year old hubby. We LOVE it...I am thrilled with this soap, and my old body loves it...Thank you soooooo much for this fabulous product, I am so happy, and so clean.

-Emily M.

Yardley, PA

Pine Tar

Hello Marie,
My husband and I bought a bar of your Pine Tar soap. We LOVE this soap. We are on an extended road trip, traveling across the country and climbing. Showers are far and few between, and we are often washing in beautiful natural springs and streams, where all natural products are a necessity. Thank You

-Mitzi H.

West Coast, USA

Jewelweed Salve

Hi Marie,
Thank you so much for getting my order to me so quickly. My brother and his sons loved their "guy" soaps-and I know my neighbor is pleased to have her own emergency stash of Jewelweed Salve...It was a godsend for her daughter who broke out in hives 2 days before her prom!

-Margie B.

Doylestown, PA


Dear Marie,
I had the pleasure of purchasing some of your soaps. I was especially delighted with the Patchouli. Those little magic exfoliators rock! Thank you for making an amazing product

-Doreen R.

Bug Off

Dear Marie,
We purchased some soap and Bug Off!. Needless to say we are very impressed. It is absolutely amazing how the California Citrus soap cleared up a skin condition that I have had for years, and had previously used many prescribed medications to try to clear it up. The Bug Off! worked great on us and our dogs too. Can't wait to order more of your products. Much Thanks.

-Mary M.

Indian Head, MD.

Wonderful Soaps

Dear Marie,
I was up in PA. last fall visiting my folks and had an opportunity to purchase 2 of your soaps. They are the most wonderful soaps I have ever used!

-Chris S.

Atlanta, GA

Bee Natural

Dear Marie,
I purchased some of the Bee Natural soap and need more ASAP! I will never use anything else!!! My two little boys and husband love it too. Thanks so much.

-Christina P.

Jewelweed Salve

Dear Marie,
I love the way your soap smells, looks and makes my hands feel after using it. I will be stocking up. My nephew has poison ivy so I will getting some Jewelweed Salve for him. I hear it works wonders. Thanks again.

-Lynn G.

Sensitive Skin

Dear Marie,
I purchased a bar of your soap and absolutely love it. I have sensitive skin and this is the best stuff I ever used. Well, last night I was tired and in a hurry to wash up and get ready for bed. Instead of my usual facial cleanser I just grabbed my bar of Marie's Soap. I quickly washed my face and could not believe how great it felt afterward. Better than my expensive cleanser I have been using.

-Carol B.

Bucks County, PA

Awesome Products

Dear Marie,
I have been using your awesome products for a year now and cannot use anything else. I love the shea face wash, all of the beautifully scented soaps and the great moisturizers. I love to share this wonderful secret I've discovered with all of my family and friends. Not only are these items healthy for our bodies but also for our planet. I continue to spread the word.

-Deb P.

Sensitive Skin

Dear Marie,
My husband has EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and can usually only use unscented glycerin soap...but when he tried your soap...that was it! He says it is the BEST soap he has ever used and has been able to use with comfort, knowing it won't burn or irritate his skin.


Levittown, PA

Bug Off

Dear Marie,

Here at Sunflower King's Farm, we are certified Naturally Grown. That means we cannot use any pesticides. As you can imagine, knat bites have been a major problem for anyone working in our fields or greenhouses. Since we started using your Bug Off!, the knats are no longer a problem. I recommend your products to everyone. They make both outdoor work and play a more enjoyable experience. Thank you so very much for a terrific product.

-Andy K.

Honey & Oatmeal

Hi There,
I am hooked on the Cocoa Cutter, Honey & Oatmeal soap! It lathers nicely, lasts a long while and my 57 year old skin has never felt better. Your products are wonderful!

-Bernadette L.

Pine Tar

Dear Marie,
My husband has used the Pine Tar soap and loves it, so I am now sharing it with him. I have used it on my hair as an alternative for shampoo. So far so good.

-Lisa G.

Sweet Dreams

Dear Marie,
My husband surprised me with a bar of your Sweet Dreams. I am 39 weeks pregnant so haven't been sleeping well...but after the shower I took a 3 hour nap! Well, I can say I am now a big Sweet Dreams fan.

-Kristie F.


Thank You,
I use your soap and hand cream every day. It works really well. My eczema is going away



Dear Marie,
I bought 5 bars of you soap. Little did I know they were so wonderfully exquisite. Please allow me to say WOW!

-Katherine S.